Human Icon/Android Icon/Saiyan Icon/ Half Saiyan Icon

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Human Icon/Android Icon/Saiyan Icon/ Half Saiyan Icon

Post by Nik on Tue Mar 31, 2015 1:31 pm

All of the following base icons:
Half Saiyan

These icons appear to be missing something. A part of their base icon, perhaps? None of the clothes will fit these races, the scouter is on the wrong part of the head. I am beginning to wonder if redoing these icons were part of the update? If so, there was nothing wrong with the icons. At first, I thought that this 'bug' was just the kid version of these races, but it appears my thought was wrong. Please pay close attention when you stand, and when you walk while using these races. You will find that they are shorter than they should be. Another thing, they also have four - five lines coming down the forehead. The hair is floating above. This is absolutely absurd, I want the old icons back.

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