Something that is going to drive me crazy. It needs to end.

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Something that is going to drive me crazy. It needs to end.  Empty Something that is going to drive me crazy. It needs to end.

Post by Nik on Tue Dec 30, 2014 3:19 pm

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a kid named Afro thought he was bugged. I got surprised by how big his stats were, and he asked me to fix him because he needed it. A few of us (including the host) told him that majins were nerfed. He just didn't listen. So I did so. When I asked him to remake, I told him I would give him his stats back. Did I? Yes I did. But then another admin named Cris told me not to edit people. So I edited him back. It wasn't my fault, for I thought I was doing the right thing. I was also confused at the time. So now, he blames me and calls me an abuser. He says that I edited him for a selfish purpose. Did I mention that this was a long time ago, like 2 wipes ago? I got over it. But he chooses to disrespect me, insult me, curse at me, etc. I banned him six times, but Vegito told me to unban him. I feel like nobody cares about the rules anymore. Can everyone help me and Baby Lucario settle this once and for all. Because he is doing this for spite and trying to get me banned and demoted for life. He even said that in his chat. You know how I don't like to drop arguments unless I win them? Well Lucario takes advantage of that. He tells me to leave him alone, and I continue to carry on. That's wrong in my fault, but when you had crappy experiences like I did in my life, you would know by now not to blame me for what I do. I need people to understand that this needs to end. I want peace. Not verbal abuse. Even if it doesn't seem like it. I am willing to end this pointless feud. Even if he's not. There needs to be some sort of rule that we have to follow. Like if you use an insult you automatically get muted for ten minutes or something. I am asking you, the players, to help me end this pointless argument. Leave your comments and ideas below.

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