The Story of The Lazy Cat! (TLC)

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The Story of The Lazy Cat! (TLC)

Post by XamoAkuma on Fri Dec 19, 2014 6:00 am

Once upon a time there was a cat!
This cat was like no other!
This cat had a power that no one could understand!
For god's sake this cat could fall asleep and kick LSSJ Brolly's butt!
But his true gift was how

Oh yeah back to the story....

This cat got so bored that one day he stopped being lazy and destroyed more planets then when Lord Beerus ate the spicy stuff. After days of destroying planets Lazy Cat wondered onto a planet where he found Nik, Gogetah and Vegito. Out of no where they bursted into a fight but sadly it ended in five minutes........mainly due to Lazy Cat falling asleep four minutes in.....yeah four minutes! He fought a whole minute in his sleep! So to keep him lazy forever the three made sure Lazy Cat moved now and then so he couldn't destroy any more planets!

The freaking end!

If you don't get it then you didn't realize I made this story as a joke or that I'm Lazy Cat and I can write about what I please about myself. Hell I could of made him punch ducks the whole time! You know what!

Once upon a time there was a cat! This cat was like no other!
Out of no where he would start to beat the crap out of ducks! Like he would take a step then BAM! he punched a duck into a bus. No matter where he went the Lazy Cat beat up ducks until he got so lazy that he fell asleep for years! To this day he sleeps but once he wake he will punch the ducks again!

There happy now?! You weird people.......


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Re: The Story of The Lazy Cat! (TLC)

Post by Nik on Sun Dec 21, 2014 5:20 pm

Tinton falls is a good place!

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