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Attack Ideas Empty Attack Ideas

Post by Shouri2 on Sat Oct 11, 2014 4:28 pm

Is it a Bug Fix: No
Is it a Buff: Yes
Is it in the game: No
Is this for your benefit: Not really, as I'm not into PVP or melee that much
Is it balanced: Yes
Is the idea fun: Yes
Is it possible?: Yes
How many people want this?: Let's wait and see
Is the idea from a DBZ official game: No
Is it original to byond: It would be original to the game.
Description: You can toggle between attacks that are focused or attacks that are not focused. At the end I'll talk about the other two things. A focused attack is much more powerful than a normal attack, but it consumes stamina and ki when it is toggled on. I will give some examples of focused attacks.

1. In Dragon Ball, Goku punches through King Piccolo's stomach with one fist. It is further explained that he had focused all of his power into his fist.

2. In the movie The Return of Cooler, Piccolo devises a strategy to defeat Cooler's robots. You have to focus your power into a single point and then attack.

3. In the movie Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan, I personally think that Goku focused all the power his friends gave him into one fist, and he also twisted that fist for a further increase in power. There's also the fact that Broly was moving towards him and Goku towards Broly, so the attack was even more powerful. But it's not like he went straight through Broly's stomach. He just pierced his skin and went about halfway through. And LSSJ is a special trans, which I will elaborate on further in a few months, so just piercing Broly like that made all the power leak.

Alongside focusing attacks, there is also compressing attacks and rotating them. For example, the Distructo Disk is both concentrated and rotating. The Special Beam Cannon is rotating. However, I do not mean to say that only DD is compressed. I just mean that is even more compressed than average. Sorry this is so rushed. It was a sudden idea and I had a limited amount of time. I'll squeeze in one more idea here. Custom attacks should be more customizable. What if we want to control the attack like Yamcha's Spirit Ball? What if we want to make it radiate from us as the epicenter like an Explosive Wave? What if we want to move with the attack? What if we want to consume Stamina, Ki, or Powerlevel from the attack?

Imagine a Dragon Fist that is you moving around. You can move it wherever you want. It consumes 99% of your Ki, Stamina and Power Level, thus it is very powerful. Stuff like that would be cool.

Think brain think! Hmmm...I just have one more idea then. Super Custom Attacks. Like Super Kaioken, Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, Super Kamehameha, Super Galick Gun, Super Spirit Bomb and Super Dragon Fist. I really want to have a Super Godly Bubble. That would be super Smile Super Custom Attacks can be 10 times stronger than Maxed Custom Attacks at their max. Like 10x Kamehameha and 10x Kaioken I understand that all the ideas I have cannot be done immediately as we are all humans and not some weird empty talking suit of armor that can stay awake forever. I hope the Moderators can forgive me for the over 50 posts I made though... *Runs behind a stack of cement bags and waits for the explosion*

Anyways, don't forget to vote on the poll so that I may know how many of you actually want this idea. I'm sorry about the limited poll options but there wouldn't be enough space for all of them. So pick two or pick five or pick none. Your choice. No pressure. Yeah, don't mind me secretly mind-controlling you to choose five...... *Cough Cough* Gotta *Cough* Go... I actually am ill in real life, so I'm just making posts and not playing for now.

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