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Need help on my UT icon Empty Need help on my UT icon

Post by Shouri2 on Sun Sep 28, 2014 7:12 am

I made an attack that is pretty good for my first try (I think). The problem is that I don't know how to make it eight directional. Oh sure, there is the eight dirs. option, but how do I make my attack become diagonal? There are buttons on pixelmap to make it north south east west but how do I do southeast etc.?

EDIT: I found out that the angles option can make it diagonal but it also ruins the attack. What angle should I do? An angle that won't ruin my attack? I guess the angle depends on the attack size, but is there any angle that is perfect like 90?

EDIT 2: My custom attack is now finished. So this topic is now useless... Actually, there are two things I cannot do that require an expert iconner's help. I have an UT Icon and aura that I got from Iconshare or Iconbay (or both). But the problem is that they are somewhat unfinished and the aura doesn't match the UT. If anyone wants to try and make a good UT icon for me, they are welcome to take the files I have and finish them. It may be kinda obvious when you see the icon I chose, but the aura I want has to be either a black feathery wing wrapped around me that is shedding feathers a lot, or some other kind of aura that would suit the icon. Actually that wouldn't be a good aura, because then people can't see my UT Icon. *Shrugs* Well there has to be SOMETHING... I just asked a friend, and they said "Purple, black or silver" so that's a start. But auras are always unique...Like the Hyper Aura has that bubble and the rocks... Good luck to whoever wants to do this.

EDIT 3: I made the aura myself and it is definitely unique. But now the UT Icon...I am COMPLETELY sure that I cannot do it. There is no way I can do it. So I only need someone to finish the UT icon and make it compatible for all BYOND games. I mean, my UT Icon doesn't have a fly icon, so it walks when I fly. There are some other things too that are unfinished.

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